Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Miracle Noddle = Dinner in less than 5 min.

The one of the many things I like about Miracle noodles, and how quick you can have dinner on the table.
The biggest difficult while trying to eat healthy is to get home from work T.I.R.E.D. and still have to cook a healthy dinner. For days like this Miracle Noodles is what saves me.

Tonight, was one of this nights. I got home from work and just felt like opening the fridge and eating Justin's leftover mac and cheese. Instead, I found the last package of miracle noodles at the very back of the drawer and had dinner ready in less than 5 minutes. I am not joking.

I Pan fried some shrimp, with a little bit of onion, peppers and mushrooms. Got my miracle noodles ready. Mixed some Philadelphia tomato and basil cooking cream. Sprinkled some Parmesan, and Dinner was ready. And it was delicious.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back on Track

Now that I have a full time job, MOTIVATION is essential to keep me on track. In order to be at work on time, I will have to wake up at 6am every morning to work out. If I leave to workout at the end of the day I know I will not do it.

I am planning on doing my own version of Bodyrock exercise routine, and if I have the energy and the drive to work out after work, then I will just go for a run, or do some cardio at the gym.

It is Monday, and starting a new routine, a new goal always feels good. Hard is to keep the motivation going. Any tips out there?

I have tones of new healthy tricks to satisfy cravings for unhealthy snacks. I cannot wait to share with all of you.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

I am Back!!!

I am sorry for being away for so long, but things got a little out of control. BUT, I am finally back, and hopefully for good.

I stopped posting because I finally got a job. Since It was my very first real full time job I couldn't find time for anything. It did not help that the first project I worked on had A LOT of overtime. I would get home from work really tired, and I would literately eat dinner, and pass out.
The major project I was working on is now over and I had a nice 10 days vacation out west (Mount Rushmore, Jackson Hole and the Wonderland - Yellowstone). While taking that break I realized I really need to come back and post more often on the blog. Starting the blog definitely helped with the weight loss, and being away just messed up things. (OPS)

So I am back!!! On the blog, and on track to slimming down for the dress

The Big Day is almost a year from now!!!!

I was very shocked and pleased to see that even without posting anything I had a lot of visitors. I hope I did not disappointed any of you. But, as I said I am back, and I promise to have new posts, and updates in this blog. Please keep following, and do not hesitate to leave comments and tips, if you have any. 




Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Juicer Saga

But let me tell how the history unrolled. 

After days thinking, and rethinking which juicer to buy. After hours researching about both juicers (Breville or L'Equip), I finally decided which one to get. It ended up being the Breville. Not the JE98XL that I was leaning towards but the BJE510XL model. It was definitely more expensive but from what I read it was also better.

The only reason that was holding me back to make a decision was the fact that L'Equip offers 6 years warranty in the juicer, compared to only 1 year with the Breville. It got me thinking that maybe L'Equip really trust and stand behind their products. BUT, lets be honest the Breville is just better. It is more powerful, while also better looking.

But you are wrong if you thought I got the Breville.
When I had finally decided in the Breville, I had the stupid idea to ask my fiance for his opinion. And guess what???? After his half hour research, he comes back and says: "I do not think you should buy neither the Breville nor the L'Equip". Please just picture my face - ready to pull my hair out, and punch him in the face. Then he continued: "It seems like the Omega is the best juicer out there." 
So Can I punch him now? NOOOO. That is what I wanted from the beginning, so I could not be happier. It is more expensive but you definitely get a better juicer, and the cleaning is not a big deal like some reviews.
PS: How come that men just make life so much easier than women? 

Now the only problem was which OMEGA should I buy? Here we go again.
Now I had to decided between the 8006 or the VRT350.
They are more expensive, but besides yielding more juice, the juice is a better quality since it masticate the fruits and vegetables instead of centrifuging it at high speed. It is also the best juicer to juice leaf vegetables. But the best - The Omega is more then just a juicer, it also makes nut butters, and even pasta.

I had already go from $150 to a minimum $300 (for the 8006) to almost $400 (for the VRT350). Do I have to say that it was a hard decision again.

You are wondering which juicer I picked???
I am not joking that the next day one of my friends gave me her older juicer - before I even had the time to think about which Omega to get. She knew I was trying to decided in a juicer and gave me great tips in what to look for. She then realizes that after a long time juicing, she never touched her juicer again, so she decided to gave it to me.

It is a Juice Lady's Juicer. A very good juicer many many years ago :)
It is not a Omega, but it does the trick. And what my friend told me totally makes sense - A lot of people buy a expensive juicer, and ended up not using as much as they thought they would.
So i decided to start with this one, and see how much juicing I will be doing. 
To be honest with you I do not think it would be much. But if I do then I can take my time and buy the best juicer or my needs.

I test out the juicer she gave me and it works great. I could not be happier. 

So after all the time spend thinking, researching, and wondering I ended up got a juicer for free.
Now I am all set to start juicing :) 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Motivation Board!

Couple weeks ago I come across The Fitnessista. On her blog I found something she does every year - a motivation board. 
That is when I come up with the idea to make my own motivation board. 
The motivation board is basically a visual combination of all of your goals for the year. 
Here is my motivation board. 

For goals for 2012 are: 

          - To be in the best shape of my life;
          - Start running;
          - Eat healthy, clean, and balance meals;
          - Eat less sugar/sweets;
          - Drink more water;
          - Better time management;
          - Start planning my WEDDING;

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Insanity at my door!!!

I was so excited when I saw a little box on the door (with my name on it) that I was jumping around, and doing silly dances for half hour. Too bad I am not joking. I really danced and jumped for awhile - there was no one in the house :)  

I got so excited that I even forgot to tell you guys.
Just as I posted my overview of BodyRock I remembered I forgot to let you guys know that I finally received my insanity DVD.

It did not take too long, a little over a week. But I was soooo anxious that a week seemed like a long time. Specially when We had multiple boxes delivered to our house last week. Every time I saw a box on the door steps I would run to open the box, but ended up being completely disappointed after figuring out it was not for me.
It is funny how life goes. This Tuesday when I saw a box on the door, I literally got my hands on it without any excitement, because I knew it was not going to be for me. SURPRISE...SURPRISE....IT WAS.
 That is when I started dancing around :)

 I got what I believe is the deluxe package, which come with 13 DVDs instead of 10. It also comes with a nutrition guide that I am planning to follow for maximum results.

I decided to start the Insanity next week. Probably Monday, but maybe on Thursday, if my fiance allows me to break our bet and have a little more sugar from fruit for 3 days (out of my no sugar April) so I can do a juicing cleanse before starting Insanity. Lets see what happen.

Overview: BodyRock

I was always intrigued by BodyRock's videos. Ever since I found Zuzana's videos I was hooked (3 years ago). I tried to followed some of the workouts before but thought it was way to hard for my strength and fitness level. So I would just watch it and hope that one day I would be able to follow it. 

It was just couple months ago that, desperate to loose weight and to be fit, I decided to give it another try. After a long time without checking the BodyRock's YouTube channel(charliejames1975) I was surprise to see that they had a new host for the workouts - Lisa-Marie. I then learned that Zuzana and Freddy (the two people behind BodyRock) had decided to end their relationship as well as the partnership. Zuzana has her own YouTube channel (ZuzkaLight), and workout routine (same style though). I started to watch Zuzana's workouts, but haven't followed it yet, so lets focus on BR for now. 

Now the new BR's host gives beginner, intermediate, and advanced modifications for each exercise, and in every video. That made the workouts a little less intimidating to me, and that is when I decided to give it a shot. 

I decided to follow the February 30 day challenge, and no need to say I started with the beginner's modifications. 
The 30 day challenge involved following the workouts 5x a week, and taking 2 days off as an active rest days. That being said, you can rest from the workout routine, however you have to get yourself moving, like walking, running, hiking, cycling, or whatever you enjoy doing. 

Even not using any weight, besides my own body weight, I saw AMAZING results in only 30 days.

In a matter of two weeks by arms were much toned and defined than before. Unfortunately I did not take before and after pictures, but I swear to you the results are real.
It is nothing to the extreme, but a big deal for me. 
My arms have muscles and a definition that I had never seen before. My legs are also toned.
The abs are basically the same. I still have to loose some fat on my waist, so abs definition are far from being seen. Not discouraging though - legs and arms are a good start.

Besides the visual part of it, I also gained strength that are shown on my fit test results done at the beginning, middle, and end of the BR challenge.
Fit tests results:

                               #3             #2             #1
Squat Jumps -        27             25             17
Push Ups -             16             16             17
Burpees -               10               7               6
High Knees -       120            123            64
Switch Lunges -    24              18            10
Tuck Jumps -        16               16            10
Straight Abs -       23               23            14

I think BR is a great High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) workout that increase your metabolism rate, while also increasing the afterburn effect. That means that even at rest, you continue to burn calories. 

BR is also a quick (12 minutes) and simple workout, that does not require a gym membership or any major workout equipments. (Although they use many of them - sandbag, ugi ball, dip station, etc - you do not need any of it, or you have the option of cheaper alternatives). 
BR can be done at your own time, and anywhere - literally. It can be done at the gym, at your house, or even hotel room.
And the best is totally FREE.

There are no excuses. If you are busy, traveling, or broke $ - you can still do BodyRock.
I totally recommend it. 
By any means it is a easy workout, but push yourself to your limits, and you will see it is not bad at all. 
Do not be intimidating. 

Will I continue to BodyRock? DEFINITELY. 

I will always keep bodyrock under my sleeves for days when I am really busy or travelling. However as right now I feel like I need more cardio. I have some weight to loose, and while the afterburn effect of bodyrock is the best, I need more moving. 
I have the time right now, so why not spend it working out?! 

I decided to give Insanity a try (I always wanted to), and I am just waiting to get my hands into it to get started. 
Insanity and Bodyrock are very similar, the only difference between the two is how they handle the intervals. But lets talk about Insanity another day :).

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review: New Addiction - Sriracha Hot Sauce.

Have you ever tried Sriracha hot sauce? If you like spicy food you should definitely try it. Even if you are not a spicy fan, give a try - you can always use as much as you like.
Picture Retrieved from Every Day Food Blog
I was never a spicy food person until I moved to the US. Sometimes, food in America can be either really spicy or really blend. Since I couldn't add any more spices to food once they were served to me, I found ground pepper, and hot sauce to be good ways to add some flavor to blend foods.
My fiance also helped with the transition. He loves spicy food, and tolerate really hot stuff. With time, I started to increase the hotness of my tolerance, and my love to spicy food.

While in college one of my roommates will swearing by Sriracha hot sauce. She would literally put Sriracha everywhere. I tried once, but I put so little of it being afraid that it was way too hot that I could not even taste anything.
The other day, while shopping at an Asian store, I saw Sriracha on the shelf and had to give it a second try. I have to say that I am addicted to it now? I am now swearing by it, and just like my roommate I add Sriracha to everything. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner - maybe even dessert (I should do some experiments.)
Sriracha is a Thai hot sauce, and the one I use is from the brand HuyFong. It is a paste made of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt.
It is really good, and it literally can be used on anything.

Use your imagination, and add Sriracha to any dish.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


If you remember a month ago I made a bet with my fiance that I would loose 8 pounds in a month (2 lbs a week) while still eating sweets/sugar, otherwise I would have to spend a whole month without any sugar. I always told him that having a little bit of sugar while dieting was not a big deal. However he is completely against sugar and sweets.

Since I did not loose the 8 lbs I told I would I will have to stay the whole month of April without any sugar. 

Because he thinks that I would eat a bunch of sweet fruit to replace the sugar and I think it is completely unfair to not let me have any fruit. We have agreed that I can have 40 grams of sugar FROM FRUITS per day. 
He was actually really nice. I was thinking more like 30 grams. But once he said 40 I just keep my mouth shut. :)
I will still try to remain under 30 grams per day. We will see if I can though.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

What juicer to buy?!?!?

I have a long...very long wish list. In the kitchen appliances department I have three that I took me weeks to decide which one I should buy first. They are:

- Exalicabur Dehydrator
- Nice/Powerful Blender. While the Blentec or Vitamix is what I really want. Spending $500 in a blender is still crazy to me, so I decided to go for the Ninja System.

I decided to choose by elimination. It was easy to cross one of choices out - the Excalibur.  I already have a Nesco dehydrator, and even though it is not a Excalibur, it does the trick, and it works perfectly. So the Excalibur can wait.

From the list of 3 I narrow down to two - Juicer or Blender.  Picking one was really hard. I have a regular kitchen blender, and although it is not spectacular, I can live with it. To be honest with you I am totally ok with that. I gave it a test and it crushes ice just fine. I also thought - I do not  even use the blender very much. But then I thought - Well that is probably because I do not have a really nice one.

Anyways, I went back and forth for weeks, until I decided that I am getting a..... JUICER!

After making that decision, I realize it was not a good one. If I had chosen the blender I already knew which one I was getting, but now I have no idea which juicer to get.
So I have another decision to make. Which juicer to purchase?
Just like the blender I would love to have a Omega juicer, but I am sorry I am not paying $400 for a juicer.
I decided to pick one that is somewhere between $100 to $150. I did some research, and come up with some options:

- Jack Lalanne Power Juicer
- L'Equip Mini or Big Mouth
- Breville (going toward the JE98XL model)

I had to - again - pick one through elimination. The first one I crossed out was the Jack Lalanne. The infomercial say that the juicer produces 30% more juice, but I found many bad reviews about it.

I start to leaning towards the L'Equip Mini. Overall the Mini already yield a lot more juice that even the Big Mouth L'Equip. However the Breville is also really good.
The main problem is that I did not find any comparison between the the Mini and the Brevelli, and now I have no idea which one is better.

To be quite honest I would pick the Breville just for the look. The Mini only comes in white or gray, but the Breville has the stainless steel look.
However I know is not the best idea to pick a appliance base on looks only.
So I need some help, if someone can help me that would be great.
Does anyone owns a L'Equip mini or a Breville (any model, but specially the JE98XL)??? Let me know what you think about it.